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  • Moktilar says:
    Cornbugs, “Ed Gein” Album: Rest Home for Robots, “Ed Gein” is essentially a 39 second twisted poem about Ed Gein (duh), accompanied by a frightening backdrop. According to metal band Cornbugs, The Butcher of Plainfield is misunderstood. Yeah right totally.
  • Daill says:
    Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein (/ˈɡiːn/; August 27, – July 26, ) was an American murderer and body snatcher. His crimes, committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, gathered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin.
  • Kagara says:
    Jul 12,  · Ed Gein is perhaps one of the most notorious American serial killers due to the extreme nature of his crimes and the state of his home when he was arrested. Also known as "the Butcher of Plainfield" or "the Plainfield Ghoul," Gein was a convicted killer and body snatcher active in Plainfield, WI from to after the death of his mother left him alone and in a deranged mental state.
  • Yozuru says:
    Ed Gein: Murderer, Graverobber, Cannibal. Every once in a while, there comes a criminal who is someone you would expect to find in a horror film. It is always a shock to realize the true extent of what humans are capable of. Some criminals commit such disturbing acts that it is almost impossible to believe. Ed Gein was that exact kind of killer.
  • Tojakasa says:
    May 07,  · At the same time, Gein fostered a disconcerting curiosity for anatomy which he initially sated by amassing numerous books on the subject. Footage of Ed Gein's arrest in Coincidentally, this stage of Gein's psychological development and quality of life and environment occurred at the same time that several Plainfield residents went missing.
  • Gardamuro says:
    Early life Childhood. Ed Gein was born in La Crosse County, Wisconsin, on August 27, , the second of two boys of George Philip Gein (–) and Augusta Wilhelmine (née Lehrke) Gein (–). Gein had an elder brother, Henry George Gein (–). Augusta hated her husband, an alcoholic who was unable to keep a job; he had worked at various times as a carpenter, tanner, and.
  • Fegrel says:
    Zde se nacházíte:» Vyhledávání Ed Gein. Cena (Kč) Od: Do: Seřadit podle. Zobrazuji 1 - 11 ze 11 produktů Ed Gein: Bad Luck CD. Hodnocení produktu: 0%. Katalogové číslo: BMACD EAN kód: Datum vydání: 21/06/ Uložit ke srovnání. Kč Do obchodu. Ed Gein.
  • Kazrahn says:
    Oct 21,  · Ed Gein was a notorious killer and grave robber. His activities inspired the creation of some of Hollywood's most infamous characters, including Norman Bates of 'Psycho.'.

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