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  • Zulum says:
    reach out to (one) To make contact with one, especially in search of or to offer help, guidance, comfort, or support. I've tried reaching out to her, but she doesn't want to share her feelings with me. You can always reach out to me if you are feeling overwhelmed with your school work. See also: out, reach.
  • Vizahn says:
    Reach out to (someone) definition is - to offer help or support to (someone). How to use reach out to (someone) in a sentence. to offer help or support to (someone); to .
  • Tojadal says:
    reach out 1. To attempt to make contact with someone, especially in search of or to offer help, guidance, comfort, or support. 2. To broaden one's social circle or experiences in life. I kind of lost myself in my job for a few years, so I'm trying.
  • Tatilar says:
    reach out to. Verb. To make contact with. approach. contact. get in touch with. make contact with. speak to. talk to.
  • Sazshura says:
    reach out This has become the new cliché for yuppie types or any pseudo-intellectual types or just idiots that think it sounds special. It is simply just another way of saying: contact, call, speak to, notify, etc. It really sounds faggy and flags the speaker as being self conscious about how they sound to their peers.
  • Guramar says:
    More broadly, "to reach out" means to initiate contact with someone, with the usual implication that the contact is helpful or beneficial. For that reason, either the helper or the person requesting help can be said to "reach out" to the other. The only stipulation is that the subject of "reach out" is the one who initiates the relationship.
  • Grogore says:
    Apr 05,  · Watch in p and Expand to see the text alot easier. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Song: Reach Out To The Truth Composed by: Shoji Meguro Arranged by: Shoji.
  • Goltibei says:
    So instead of thinking that you would reach out–which is obvious by your writing the message anyway–just express the action you’re asking the recipient to make. If you want a reply, that is. 3.
  • Kajidal says:
    Oct 20,  · “Also, now that they’ve heard all you have to say, there’s no incentive to reach out.” A better tack here is to send a short note with as “yes-able” a request as possible, she says. For example: “I’ve really missed you and feel so sad to not have you in my life. Would you have coffee with me at our favorite bakery next week?”.

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